What are protein isolates?

Protein isolates are proteins characterised by very high protein content and low amounts of fat and carbohydrates. They can be applied in food industry as food ingredients. These pure proteins are isolated from the starting material by means of our proprietary technology.

Can rapeseed protein isolates replace meat/soy?

Due to the high protein content rapeseed protein isolates may be an alternative to meat and soya proteins, and an enrichment of food in a balanced diet.

Why produce proteins from rapeseeds?

Rapeseed is an oilseed crop, which is cultivated in large quantities and processed by local oil mills, in Poland and many other countries of the European Union. Rapeseed crops account for almost 95% of oilseed plants cultivation in Poland. Rapeseed is very rich in high quality proteins, which until now were not isolated due to lack of an appropriate technology.

 Are rapeseeds healthy?

New rapeseed oil is considered to be one of the healthiest oils available on the market, both for ‘cold’ applications and for frying. Rapeseed protein isolate contains high-quality proteins, is low in fat and carbohydrates content, and is well absorbed by the human body.

Is the taste of rapeseed intense?

Rapeseed oil produced many years ago had an intense bitter taste. New processes generate rapeseed oils with improved sensory characteristics. Premium quality cold-pressed oils have a mild nutty flavour without bitterness notes. Our goal is to achieve a similar mild taste of rapeseed proteins.

How are rapeseeds currently used?

Rapeseed is a crop that is almost entirely valorised. Edible oil, which is considered by nutritionists to be one of the healthiest oils, is produced from seeds. Oil is processed further to margarines or other edible kitchen oils. Additional products generated from rapeseeds are honey, animal feed and biodiesel. Rapeseed straw is used as fuel in steam boilers or for fibreboards production.

Will Napiferyn Biotech produce the protein isolates?

Napiferyn Biotech is developing a technology that allows efficient separation of protein isolates from rapeseeds. Oil mills will conduct the process themselves on-site. Napiferyn Biotech will be responsible for providing the technology and know- how to oil manufacturers. 

How are protein isolates produced and what are their applications?

Oil mills purchase rapeseeds from the producer and then crush oilseeds to produce oil.The rapeseed biomass generated in oil production process that remains after oil is expelled is the starting material for the protein isolates production process. Food manufacturers can further apply the protein isolates as food ingredients.